During lockdown, we have been working hard to bring you a comprehensive set of tools and new features to support the safe reopening of your venue.

About Admit One

Based in the UK and Spain, we are a vibrant and professional software company serving the needs of the entertainment industry with our specialist ticketing and event management software.

Our core staff have a wealth of experience in this sector, which has enabled us to create software that is is easy to use, very reliable, and requires minimal training time. Both we and our fast expanding client base benefit from the astonishingly low support requirements. Our software does just what it was designed for - with no fuss and absolute integrity.

Meet the Team

Peter Morton

Director - Admit One UK
  • Favourite Movie: The Godfather Part II
  • Most Overused Expression: That's bananas!

The principal architect of Admit One, I am a Software Developer with more than 30 years commercial experience, and over 20 years in the admissions and hospitality sector.

Richard Haritver

Director - Admit One Spain
  • Favourite Movie: The Godfather Part I
  • Most Overused Expression: Hang on

In IT since 1989 and in the entertainment sector since 1993. Worked for major communications companies, as well as in major mobile phone operators and software development companies, in Canada, UK and Spain. Involved with Admit One since day two and never looked back.

Paul Veal

Operations & Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: V for Vendetta
  • Most Overused Expression: Can you sign this?

I have been with Admit One since 2014 and have worked closely with all departments to improve our ways of working. I take a very hands on approach and use what I have learned to look after our new and existing customers from first contact through to installation.

Juan Carlos

Client Analytics Services / Account Manager (ESP)
  • Favourite Movie: Indiana Jones

Karl Anderson

  • Favourite Movie: Austin Powers: International man of Mystery
  • Most Overused Expression: Iíll look into it and get back to you

A results focussed and entrepreneurial director who specialises in working with a board to develop sound strategies that drive sustainable business growth across technology, service and consultancy sectors.

Kat Hodgson

Account / Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Hacksaw Ridge
  • Most Overused Expression: So how long will that take?

I joined Admit One in November 2017, I have a strong background in service and business management. In my free time I'm a part-time business student. I'm really excited to be part of such a innovative company.

Alex NuŮez

Senior Support Coordinator (ESP)
  • Favourite Movie: The Departed
  • Most Overused Expression: Have you tried rebooting it?

I have worked for Admit One since 2011. I studied Software Development and Systems Administration, and in one way or another have always been involved with cinemas.

Kieren Dipple

Kieren Dipple
  • Favourite Movie: Fast and Furious

Avid gamer and lover of cars.

Maria K

Account / Project Manager (ESP)


Office Dog
  • Favourite Movie: Men in Black (the scene with Frank the pug)
  • Most Overused Expression: Bork Bork

Can mainly be found napping in the development department.

James Gibson

Lead Digital Designer
  • Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park (Original)
  • Most Overused Expression: The XD is ready

Joined Admit One in Feb 2020 having previously worked as Senior Digital Designer for a travel company. I have over 15 years experience working with clients in varous industries such as transport, confectionary, insurance and electrical. I'm a football fan and support Dundee FC. I am also a keen STNG fan and consider Jean-Luc Picard a life role model.

Jason Purkiss

Support Manager (UK)
  • Favourite Movie: Back to the Future: Part 1
  • Most Overused Expression: Ooh 'eck...

I have been working in the cinema industry since 2011, with Admit One since 2014 and I specialise in stock management and pastries.

Kevin Harvey

Senior Support Engineer / System Administrator (UK)
  • Favourite Movie: The Notebook
  • Most Overused Expression: Love, Live, Laugh

Joined the team in September 2018. Strong background in the IT industry, secret geek with a passion for customer service. In my free time I like to do long distance running and drinking coffee.

Gabriel Roca

Support Engineer/Project Manager (ESP)
  • Favourite Movie: Rear Window
  • Most Overused Expression: If you are the only one speaking, this turns into a monologue. Can we please have a biologue like civilized people?

Being in Telecommunications Engineering. Would-be new rich (as in Tim Ferrissí use of the term) who wishes to telecommute from a paradise island. I have lived in China and Japan, and am currently working towards a CioL diploma in English-Spanish translation.


Support Technician (ESP)
  • Favourite Movie: Reservoir Dogs

After 15 years of experience in the ticketing industry, I still enjoy what I do. I love working closely with clients to provide them with a global solution.

Ben Clarke

Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Most Overused Expression: No worries mate!

Jake Loveland

Support Technician (UK)
  • Favourite Movie: Mad Max Fury Road
  • Most Overused Expression: Two for Tuesday?

Well, what do I start with? Recently joined the team at Admit-One after leaving a job as a website manager for a shop, however, I look forward to working with the Admit-One team and forging a career for myself in the support industry. In terms of my hobbies, I have to admit, they're quite varied. I do enjoy all sorts, from gaming and tabletop miniatures to shooting and casinos.


Support Technician (ESP)

Maria SF

Client Analytics Services (ESP)

Shell Cole

Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: Fast and Furious

Matthew Voss

Lead Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Akira
  • Most Overused Expression: ...yeah...

Graduate of Computer Science from Exeter University, living in Dorset. Spent nine months in Canada prior to working for Admit One.

Jamie Cutler

Mobile App Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park

I'm currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Computing & IT with The Open University. My background in development comes from creating mobile applications for iOS devices, using the Swift programming language.

Joe Hogan

Web Developer
  • Favourite Movie: The Matrix
  • Most Overused Expression: Yo!

Joined Admit-One July 2019. I began my IT as a Tech, before progessing into an IT manager role. As a semi-professional musician, a move to Web Development at A1 was a great way to allow me to express my creative side during office hours! You'll usually find me hiding from the sun playing video games when I'm not on stage.

Vinicius Sacillotto

Software Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Most Overused Expression: Are you serioooous ?

I joined Admit One in July 2018 and Iíve been working with background development since 2010. I'm really addicted to watching football matches and movies. As everyone here knows, I'm from Brazil but I already lived in Ireland, Italy and now enjoying a lot UK. Admit One is providing me a chance to learning new technologies and for sure I'll always give my best to provide the best software quality.

Tom Taylor

Software Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Back to the Future
  • Most Overused Expression: Ah Cool!

I joined Admit One in September 2018, and my career up to this point has been mostly in app development. I am passionate about making fast and powerful software and Iím excited to bring this attitude to Admit One. I also love to travel and expand my horizons.

Joe Davison

Web Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Shrek
  • Most Overused Expression: SoÖthatís good then!

In 2017 I graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Digital Media. Since leaving I have been working in a variety of digital roles within the financial industry. In late 2019 I decided to leave the industry and join Admit One as a web developer. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and discovering new podcasts.

Pooja Bhande

Data Base Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: I love animated movies, Lion King being my most favourite, followed by some recent ones Sing, Rango, The Boss Baby. I have a few favourites in Indian movies which I'm sure none of my colleagues here at Admit one must have ever watched or heard them ;)
  • Most Overused Expression: It changes with every season. Currently its - oh! its so cold!

Before joining Admit One, I was with IQVIA (Bangalore, India) working as a Clinical Database Programmer involved in building speciality report forms and rules for clinical trial set ups. Prior to that I worked for HP as a Network Consultant. I have an overall work experience of 7.5 years. I also recently completed Master's degree in Data Science and AI from Bournemouth University. My hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with friends, visiting new places and of course watching movies! :)

Colin Hill

Software QA Team Leader (UK)
  • Favourite Movie: Star Wars IV
  • Most Overused Expression: Cool

Joined Admit One in August 2018 Dedicated to improving product quality. Previous background in QA & business analyst roles in the finance industry, specialising in working with clients across Africa. In my spare time I have a passion for all types of photography.

Sam Hadley

QA Engineer

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